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Savannah Land Surveying is a full-service, state of the art land survey and property survey company dedicated to serving the greater Savannah, GA community. Our team is skilled, experienced, and passionate about helping people to better understand the property they are purchasing, selling, constructing, or developing. Our team is highly skilled, attentive to detail, and thoroughly technical. Land surveying Savannah GA requires a high level of experience and expertise, both of which we value imminently at our firm. We are fully committed to providing the best official records for our clients, so they can confidently move forward with their project, with the knowledge that they are full informed on the space. There are hundreds of reasons why you may be looking to obtain a property survey or land surveyor in Savannah, GA, and we are here for every one of them. A property survey at its core is an official document detailing the boundaries of a plot of land. This can be absolutely vital in any number of situations, and in the long run can save our clients thousands of dollars by providing the information they need to know prior to investment.  


A survey can provide a level of protection in every type of real estate endeavor. When looking to buy a home, it is most often on the buyer to obtain a survey. It’s always to the benefit of the buyer to move forward with a survey, due to the layer of protection it provides, and the bargaining chip it presents. All others involved in the buying and selling of real estate are more focused on obtaining the sale, rather than ensuring all parties are thoroughly informed. Thus, it falls on the buyer to ensure that she/he is made fully aware of all boundaries and property lines prior to purchase. Maybe you were looking to buy a property with the intent on installing a brand-new pool in the backyard as soon as the sale goes through- if you buy the house, and install the pool without a survey, if it turns out that it’s over the boundary, you will be liable. We’ve seen it hundreds of times: a concrete driveway over the line, a fence removed, a pool causing a lawsuit. Getting a survey is the responsible thing to do in any real estate endeavor. It can save you many times over the amount of the cost of the survey, and it can provide a more level playing field during the negotiation process. If you’re interested in learning more about surveyors Savannah GA and whether we may benefit you, give us a call and we’d love to discuss your project. We have years of experience serving the greater Savannah area, and we are committed to providing land surveying services to our clients for many years to come.  

Our company uses only the highest level of technology, and we stay up to date on the newest tools, techniques, and state of the art developments within the realm of surveying. We believe it is our duty to the people of Savannah to remain at the very top of our field, so our clients can stay informed and protected with all matters of real estate. When you need land surveying in Savannah, GA, our business is ready to help you in your endeavors. Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we are passionate about not only providing surveys, but building relationships with the people behind those properties. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, and promote goodwill throughout the community. We offer an array of surveying services, so if you are interested in obtaining one for your property, or your potential property, give us a call and we’d love to speak with you. No matter whether it’s a commercial, residential, or government matter, we are here to help and to provide you with the information you need to move forward with your project.  

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We strive to provide land surveying Savannah GA in an affordable, timely, and efficient manner. We are always conscious of price, and we are aware of the competitive marketplace. We review our costs often to ensure that we are providing the best prices for our clients, so that their investment in our business is an affordable one. We know from years of experience that a survey, no matter the cost, can save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road, and prevent the kind of headaches that can occur due to a lack of land survey. We know that our clients’ time is important, which is why we schedule our services and do our work as efficiently as possible, so your project can go ahead, in an affordable and timely way.  Land surveying in Savannah GA is the best way to obtain an official document that is necessary for construction, development, and the fair purchase of real estate. There are many situations where a survey is mandated, to establish boundaries and property lines prior to the execution of development. Buying property, whether for your home or for commercial purposes, is a large investment, and it is of the utmost importance that your large investment is adequately protected from disputes regarding the property lines. Obtaining a land survey is one of the most important parts of doing your due diligence on a property, and we are proud to provide these assessments to our clients. Whether you’re looking to add on to your house, or create the next commercial structure, our team has the skill and experience to provide the highest quality assessment. Our experience and commitment to further education has enabled us to provide our clients with the most accurate surveys, so they can be confident in their projects. We’re ready to help you better understand your property, whether it’s commercial or residential. We are your partner in all things surveying in the greater Savannah area. We will help you to be sure that your structure is following all protocols, codes, and regulations, so that you can be focused on making sure your project is on time, and below your budget.